"Touch" the New TV Serial from Fox Network
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"Touch" the New TV Serial from Fox Network

Fox Network casts Kiefer Sutherland on a new serial drama which was initially receiving positive reviews. "Touch" is definitely made to entertain and amaze as it draws casual events linking them to the main characters through a series of numbers scribbled by an autistic child. How Martin Bohm (Sutherland), the child's father finds a way to turn bad things into good and connect the trivial events at the start of each episode to culminate into a good ending becomes the catch to the story.

Those who have seen Kiefer Sutherland (Young Guns, A Few Good Men, etc) perform in the TV serial drama 24 produced by the Fox Network will be delighted to see him again on another Fox serial offering that debuted 25 January 2012. Playing the role of Martin Bohm, father to Jacob “Jake” Bohm who remained speechless since birth but always preoccupied with the hobby of scribbling a sequence of numbers on a piece of paper that turned out to be of significance giving clues to what has yet to happen became the central idea of a gripping TV series titled “Touch”.  The team of father and son face the challenge of everyday world in such a way that while Martin fights his rights to keep custody of his son after his wife perished on the tragedy that struck the World Trade Center towers, the state goes after him to oblige him to submit his son to be placed on state-run care facility for autistic children on the grounds that his job and parental obligation couldn't satisfy what the state demands.

For everyone who love strange coincidences and how they determine the course of everyday life by connecting each trivial event to the next until they become one concerted occurrence that affects the majority, “Touch” will be a fitting TV serial to watch out for putting Tim Kring's writing creativity to the test after such successful series as “Heroes”. As of the moment, the first season has aired its 7th episode out of the 13 planned episodes which is set to culminate by the end of May 2012. With the serial receiving positive reviews from critics and a storyline a bit different from what you may expect to watch on TV, you may as well be able to feel the intense meaning of the title as it comes to “Touch”you in the end of each episode.

The Main Cast:

Kiefer Sutherland – As Martin Bohm, former journalist turned single father finding job as baggage handler at JFK International Airport in New York. His life had been devoted to his job and looking after his son Jake and despite that they could hardly understand each other considering Jake's condition, time has come to allow him to connect to Jake as he is beginning to realize the numbers that Jake scribbles each day has significance in each event that happens. His direct link to Jake make him the only person who stands before any unlikely event and prevent it from happening or support any beneficial occurrence to take place based on the clue hidden in each sequence of numbers he got from Jake (on occasion Jake would write on a piece of paper and place it on his pocket or grab his hand and write on his palm a sequence of numbers).

David Masouz – As Jacob “Jake” Bohm, the 11 year old mute boy who is Martin's only living memory of his wife who died in the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. He often leaves his father worried each time he slipped out of the care facility and turns up somewhere sitting above communication towers. He has the uncanny accuracy of scribbling  a sequence of numbers which after falling into Martin's hands turned out to have predicted an event moments before it happened.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw – As Clea Hopkins, the social worker who has developed mutual compassion in seeing after Jake at the care facility away from his father and who has been drawn to the plight of father and son everytime a number sequence Jake has written turned out to be connected on an event that necessitate their participation, to avert any impending disaster or witness something wonderful to unfold.  

Danny Glover – As Dr.  Arthur Teller, formerly working at the care facility for autistic children where Jake was taken. His fascination with autistic children has led him to a patient with the same ability as Jake and from where he derived the “Amelia Sequence”. A sequence of numbers scribbled by autistic children the same as Jake's condition which is being repeated over time. Diagnosed with brain aneurysm, Dr. Teller stopped working at the facility to recover and founded the Teller Institute to continue his research on gifted children. He was beginning to understand the significance of the Amelia Sequence until his death on the 6th episode just after he left a key after he visited Jake in the care facility.

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Comments (9)

This isn't my usual type of TV program to watch but after reading this I will have to check it out--at least once.  Well-written review.

I have been watching from the start, I think it is a little unreal how the boy was taken by the state but it was important for the rest of the story.  I really like the show overall.

Thanks for your reactions, Jerry, Brenda. I'm glad you like the story, Brenda.

Ranked #77 in Furniture & Care

Very informative write-up...sounds like a good program.  Will have to check it out. Thanks for the info

Haven't seen this one but will check it out.

It is a great show and the numbers represent a sequenced pattern of how humainty is connected in a special way.

We don't have this programme here. Your review is excellent as usual, Will. Thank you, my friend. 

I do not know this tv series Will but seems really nice. A good review, voted this one up and FB liked.

I had been wanting to know more about the series as I have not watched it and here you have the info! Thanks for the article. Funny, I can't seem to get 24 out of my head when I look at Kiefer Sutherland.