The Benefits of Leather Sofas
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The Benefits of Leather Sofas

Leather lounge furniture enhances and adds character to a room, and the older it gets, the more character it adds.

Knowing which type of sofa to buy can be quite daunting. Everyone has an opinion, but they don’t seem to be the same, and as this is one of the more expensive buys for your home, you want to get it right.

One of the best ways to understand what benefits there are from choosing leather sofas rather than other fabrics, is to see what leather can offer that other fabrics can not. Let us start with good old fashioned material.

Leather enhances a room in a way material can not. It appears alive and changes shade depending on the light and shadow in the room. It is brighter, and even if you do not choose the shiniest of leather, it is still more radiant than dull, flat material sofas.

As leather ages it becomes more supple and soft, so as time goes by, instead of looking worn and faded, a leather sofa acquires a whole new life. Scratches are easily concealed using affordable cream, and spills, or even stains, can just be wiped off, (tougher ones may require a cream or spray, but these are readily available and the prices are not exorbitant).

Leather moulds to fit your contours and so simply becomes more comfortable over time. It is tougher than material, in fact than any other natural fabric. If you want to save the planet, leather is a by-product of the meat industry, and some of it would otherwise be scrapped as waste, whereas material is made using other resources.

To be fair to material, it does have one advantage, it can have a pattern – but this is easily overcome by throwing a few colored cushions, or a throw, onto the sofa. This too, (the pattern, not cushions), has a down side, as a pattern that seemed modern when bought, soon becomes dated and boring, perhaps even faded in places, and this necessities re-upholstering to create a pleasing look.

Another type of sofa covering available today is micro-fiber.

This is often made from materials like polyester, nylon or rayon and can be sprayed with stain or water resistant chemicals to protect it, (as can material), but not many people really want chemicals in their home. Micro-fiber is heat sensitive, while leather is not. Micro-fiber fibers can be cut with sharp objects like zips or buckles, while leather will only scratch. Micro-fiber is usually synthetic, while leather is natural, and putting all this together makes leather preferable yet again.

Leatherette is imitation leather and is synthetic. It is not porous, meaning no air will pass through. This lets sweat accumulate and like other, if not all, synthetic substances, leatherette is not heat resistant.

Where once if ordinary people could afford a sofa at all, it had to be material, (only the very rich could afford leather), now there is quite a wide range of fabrics to choose from.

Prices are often lower than material, which is fast becoming the “luxury” fabric for sofas, and the range of styles, sizes and shapes far outdoes other coverings. Leather recliners are one of the top selling sofas.

Leather is the best choice if you have children or pets and even if you don’t.

It will look better for longer making it by far the best value. If you buy a classic style, it will not look outdated and you will not easily tire of it.

It is quick and easy to maintain, and if you use a perfumed cream your room will small wonderful for days.

Conclusion, the benefits of leather furniture and in particular leather sofas are beyond measure. A leather lounge suite will add to the character of your lounge for years to come.

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