Soursop for Cancer Treatment: Soursop Leaves Tea
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Soursop for Cancer Treatment: Soursop Leaves Tea

The soursop tree is grown in some Caribbean countries, including Dominica and Jamaica. It is also found deep in the Amazon rainforest. It has a number of health benefits and is very effective in helping to fight cancer. While soursop is mostly used for cancer treatment, it also helps people who have a weakened immune system.

Soursop leaves tea, or graviola tea, has a number of useful properties. This tea is very healthy and has been used for years to help treat nervous conditions. It also helps to fight certain forms of cancer.

Soursop Leaves Tea: Graviola Uses

Soursop, which is also known as graviola , grows well in the tropics. It bears the soursop fruit which is green on the outside and covered by a thick, rough skin. The skin can be peeled off to reveal the white pulp underneath. This pulp can be enjoyed fresh as a tasty treat or used in cooking.

Soursop Leaves Tea: Where to Get It

If you have a tree of your own, you can get the tea by using leaves from your own tree. If you have the garden space it may be worth your while to grow your own tree. You may be able to get seeds from a farmer’s market or order them online.

Some people buy their tea from micro businesses, while others get it from large retailers like Amazon. A packet may contain as much as thirty leaves. People can prepare the tea at home themselves using leaves that have been subjected to any kind of processing and are not contaminated with any preservatives. Several retailers also sell unprocessed leaves.

While many people like eating the fruit of soursop tree, it is actually the leaves and twigs that are used to fight cancer. Eating the fruit for this purpose does not work.

Soursop Leaves Tea: Soursop for Cancer Treatment

People who have cancer are often treated with chemotherapy drugs like Adriamycin. Research has shown that soursop leaves contain compounds that are thousands of times more effective at killing colon cancer cells than Adriamycin. Although it kills cancer cells, graviola does not harm healthy cells.

A study done atPurdueUniversityshows that compounds found in soursop leaves kill tumors in six different types of cancer. It helps to restrict the growth of prostate cancer cells and kills malignant cells in the following types of cancer:









Persons with breast cancer who have taken the tea have experienced a change in their condition. They have experienced less or no pain in different parts of their body that were previously affected. They also have seen their tumors shrink significantly.

Soursop for Cancer Treatment: Alternatives to Tea

Some people do not like drinking tea but they would like to experience the benefits of the practice. For these persons, graviola capsules are a good option. The supplements are made from ground plant material. People who take this form of treatment usually give their bodies a break from the supplements on a regular basis. They usually take a break after every six days of taking it. They also take a month off after every three months.

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