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Last answer by Kim Rowley 16 months ago +0 votes:
Here's a page that lists the who/what/why and offers similar stores like Domestications: more
Last answer by camillebruno valdez 36 months ago +0 votes:
Without DR DAHIRU a lot of people would have been dead through heart break. My case is not different from heart break, I am married woman with 3 kids and there was a time when i was having problem with my husband because he was having an affair outside our marriage and this was making me feel bad. So i tried finding solution to my problem by reading a lot of relationship tips on the internet and t... more
Last answer by Chuck Lentz 40 months ago +0 votes:
Domestications is now part of Brylane Home.  You can access their website here:  Another sililar site is - they often have very good deals on bedding. more
Last answer by safia trasur 86 months ago +0 votes:
Yes you are right , but a attractive furniture we should carry about home ventilation, Most insulated houses need mechanical ventilation for most climates. It is able to provide you a reliable and constant source of fresh air. It can be a good way for solving the problems dealing with indoor air moisture sources. Many of thanks for this nice posting. more
Last answer by BlogWriter 61 months ago +0 votes:
Bedlounge products are not really intended as exercise equipments. Its products are designed to make reading, sleeping or watching more comfortable for those who have back pains or are under recuperation from surgeries. That is why Bedlounge products have movable parts that can be extended, pivoted, rotated and reclined to provide utmost convenience and comfort for those who use them. more
Last answer by Donata L. 59 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, does offer its customer pharmacy services online.  To manage your prescriptions online, simply go to the company’s website at, once you are directed to the homepage click “pharmacy” link located at the top of the page and follow the instructions given to create an account. You can also manage your prescriptions via your cell phone or fill and t... more
Asked by Teresa Conti in Shopko1 answers
Last answer by Aunty Ann 55 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, there is no reason why you cannot have sexual intercourse with your wife whilst she is pregnant, providing there are no complications within the pregnancy and you haven't been otherwise advised by a medical practitioner. Towards the end of the pregnancy sex may become uncomfortable for her and she will become tired very easily, so it may be best to take things very gently from 7 months onward... more
Last answer by William J. Felchner 57 months ago +0 votes: launched business operations in 2007. YLiving was a natural spin-off Internet venture of (founded in 2001), which claims to be the largest online retail seller of high-end modern lighting.  YLiving and YLighting share the same posting at LinkedIn, the social media business site. YLiving makes its corporate headquarters at 1850 Mt Diablo Blvd., Suite 470,&n... more
Last answer by William J. Felchner 57 months ago +1 votes:
Walnut Creek, California-based has added an array of new holiday gift items to its lineup this 2012 Christmas. They include the following promo holiday items: Hanging Bird Table $99 Cognac/Liqueur Glass Set of 2 $47 Wine Rack $59.95 Les Perles Candle Holder $60 Braun Square Quartz Alarm Clock $32 Royalty Scented Candle $80 Trophy Coat Rack $179 Have a holly, jolly Christmas... more
Asked by TinTinB in YLiving1 answers
Last answer by Donata L. 61 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, you can send online gift cards via  You get to choose your card design from available options, amount, and quantity. The nice thing about Shopko gift cards is that they do not expire and have no fees, unless required by law.  Please note that Shopko gift cards are only redeemable for items purchased at Shopko and may not be accepted using phone orders.  For detailed... more
Last answer by Amit Anil Rivankar 61 months ago +0 votes:
The BedLounge was invented by Dr. Robert Swezey, M.D., leading specialist in non-surgical neck & back pain treatment, to make lounging effortless and enjoyable. Hence, I do not think BedLounge requires any more endorsements from medical professionals. The BedLounge reading pillow was designed to support the upper and lower back, neck, shoulders, and head. It allows you to relax in ultimate co... more
Last answer by Donata L. 61 months ago +1 votes:
Actually, Shopko has many store locations througout the U.S. but not in every state. To find a Shopko retail store nearest you, simply go the company website at and click “store locator’ link at the very top of the web page. After you are directed the page see “find a location” at the right side of the page and insert your zip code along with your mile... more
Last answer by Graciela Sholander 61 months ago +1 votes:
At the website's Help and FAQ page, one of the questions is, "Will the trucking companies deliver inside my house?" The reply is that the items are delivered outside of the home. For delivery into the house there is an extra charge. If you are interested in this, ask about "same day white glove service." With in-house delivery, the movers will unpack and assemble pieces. more
Last answer by William J. Felchner 61 months ago +1 votes:
Manhattan Home Designs offers what is known in the business as White Glove Service. This option enables the freight delivery team to bring the products inside the home, unpack them, assemble and place them where wanted and remove and dispose of all packaging materials. And, yes, there are additional costs for Same Day White Glove Service. more
Last answer by Cauli Daly 61 months ago +2 votes: carries a number of enviromentally friendly products on it's website. Hayneedle, has a section dedicated to "Green Living". The Green Living category, includes products such as chicken coops, compost bins, compost toilets, electric lawn mowers, solar powered lights, recycling bins, green houses and so much more. These products, are all designated as enviromentally friendly. I hope th... more
Last answer by BlogWriter 61 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, some Dinette furnitures carry products made out of teak. Dinette furnitures are 100% made from hardwood - teak is only one kind of hardwood. Hardwood used by Dinette are grown expressly for use in furniture. This means that Dinette furnitures are durable, affordable and best of all, environmentally friendly. more
All Weather Wicker - The best place to find your Modern Outdoor Furniture, Patio Furniture, Outdoor Sectional, Outdoor Wicker and all Weather Wicker. more
Last answer by Donata L. 61 months ago +0 votes:
At Present, there are 150 to 300 thread counts of cotton bedding available at Bedding Style.  Keep in mind that the thread count simply depends upon the design and the style of the item. To determine the tread count for a particular sheet set, simply click on the item you’re interested in.  Once you click on the item, you will find a detailed description of the item to the right, a... more
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