Pure Romance is Purely Romance
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Pure Romance is Purely Romance

This is an overview of the company Pure Romance and some of the products they offer. They do in home toy parties for women. They are very professional women but also are friendly, outgoing, and are great at their job. Visit their website to book a party today or to view a full list of products.

What is the new rave that everyone is talking about?  Pure Romance!  What is Pure Romance you ask?  It is a company that sells different things to enhance your sensual experience.  Most people hear that and think of some over weight, middle aged, balding man selling toys at some whole-in-the-wall place.  This is NOT that type of company.  Yes they do sell toys, lubes, and lingerie but they have so much more to offer!

    I guess the next question would be, “What do they offer than?”  Their website says, “Pure Romance is proud to offer the best in bath, beauty, and bedroom accessories.”  I recommend visiting their website and looking through their many different products.  I will, however, give you an over view of some of their more popular items.

First I will discus some of the items under their beauty section.

1.)  Body Dew-It is a great after shower moisturizer.  You spray it on and all day long your body is hydrated and smells great.  If you happen to have tattoos that are a little dull, spray this on it, rub it in, and those tattoos look like new again.  It cost about $16 usd plus shipping and comes in four scents.  My favorite is the pear berry.

2.)  Basic Instinct-It is a roll-on perfume that within 20 minutes will react with your own body and create a scent that is unique to you.  It has pheromones infused in it so it will make those around you a little more interested in what you have to say.  It also is great if you have a pounding headache that will not go away!  Put some around your neck, or if its too bad under your nose, and let those pheromones release the receptors in your brain that produce relaxation.  It is $28 usd, but worth every penny of it!

Next, I will discuss their enhancement creams.

1.)  Nympho Niagra-It is a cream that you dab on down there and let it take over.  It will enhance your arousal, plus magnify the outcome of your delightful night.  By far, this is the best product they have in this area.   It cost around $20 usd plus shipping but you will not regret your purchase.

2.)  Ex-T-Cee and X-Scream-they too add a little bit of excitement to your night.  They are flavored and cost between $15-$20 usd plus shipping.  If you like the tingle sort of creams, this would be a great one for you.

Finally, some of their random products.

1.) Coochy-Do not let the name mislead you.  It is a conditioner for shaving and a deep conditioner for your hair.  It helps reduce the red bumps women get from shaving, or men when shaving their neck area.  It is a great product to use for the bikini area and runs around $12 usd plus shipping.

2.) Hot Heart Massagers-These are heart shape heating devices.  They have a metal snap inside of them which activates it by bending and snapping it.  Once activated, they become very warm, almost as hot as a heating pad.  They are great for massages or menstrual cramps.  They are reusable.  Just boil some water, throw them in, and wait about 10 minutes. They become like brand new again. They will run about $15 usd plus shipping.

These are just a small amount of things that this company offers.  Like I said earlier, I recommend visiting their website to see what they offer.  If you like what they have, contact a consultant (the website will help you with that), and host a party.  The consultants are very knowledgeable, laid back, and make attending or hosting a party an unforgettable event The host gets 10% of all sales which will go towards their order and plus a special gift.  It is a great time for a girls-night-out or a bachelorette party.  If you are looking to make a night to remember, go now, and book a party.

Below is the information to get to their website:


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