My Experience Using #Twiends to Get More Twitter Followers (and What I Learned)
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My Experience Using #Twiends to Get More Twitter Followers (and What I Learned)

I signed up for Twitter many years ago, but never really used my account until recently, which was primarily to promote my articles. I had only a handful of followers on Twitter, mostly inactive members that I had "friended" years ago, and a few active members, but nothing substantial by any stretch of the imagination! I thought the best thing to do was to get followers on Twitter, so I looked for ways to get more followers quickly. After all, the more followers I have, the more likely my articles will receive traffic, since more people will be viewing my Tweets, right? Not necessarily!

The Early Search for Ways to Obtain More Twitter Followers

I searched for ways to increase my Twitter followers. Obviously while on Twitter I found Tweets I liked, explored in different ways, and found people I wanted to follow. A few followed back and I had a few friends on Twitter from various writing sites. With only a few dozen followers, how could I get more? I found a free website called Twiends which allows you to increase your Twitter followers quite easily.

In a nutshell, the site allows users to set how many points, or "seeds," the member can offer for someone to start following them on Twitter. Higher seed offerings typically translate to more followers. To earn seeds, members must follow others and thus earn the seeds.

Twiends: The Good and the Bad (and the Ugly?)

Twitter has a number of rules set in place regarding mass following or quickly dropping a large number of "friends," so all Twitter members must be cognizant of these policies. Sites like Twiends make it easy to forget all the policies and basically encourage "blind" following, or following many people you don't know simply for the sake of following people and getting more followers of your own the same way. I've learned that it's not about the quantity of Twitter followers you have, to an extent. Of course, having 2000 Twitter followers is much better than having 50 followers, but if only a few of those 2000 are interested in what you're Tweeting, it doesn't really as much after all, does it?

When I first began using Twiends, I did increase my Twitter friends literally by hundreds in the first couple weeks, but that wasn't necessarily what I should have done, as I soon learned by doing a bit more research regarding Twitter and promotion in general. However, if all you want is to get "low quality" followers just for the sake of having tons of followers, Twiends does deliver.

Despite this, there are some really good things about Twiends. Aside from being incredibly easy to use, members can choose up to five categories in which to list themselves. It's best to choose real interests and not just those you think may get you the most followers. For example, online writers might choose the categories: writing, articleswriting, freelancing, freelancewriting, and similar topics or topics on which the writer is an expert and writes about frequently. People interested in those topics might follow you regardless of whether you are offering any seeds.

One of my favorite features of Twiends is that members can modify who can actually follow them. Members can offer between 2 and 10 seeds for people to follow them back. Of those potential followers, one can specify which "drop rates" can follow and how long users have been a member before they can follow. High drop rates typically mean that users tend to follow others but then unfollow them after a short period of time. This is often due to the fact that the users want to earn more seeds and gain more followers for themselves. I have my followers set to the lowest level of drop rates, which means very few members can follow and earn my seeds on Twiends. For membership length you can choose to allow anyone to follow you, from users who just joined up to users who joined two days ago or longer.

Also, with Twiends settings you can automatically follow users back if they begin following you. You can set it to follow back anyone, follow back only those users with seeds, follow back those who are still following after one day, or to follow back users still following after one day who have seeds.


I still consider myself a Twitter newbie and am still learning all the ropes. I have a bit over 1000 followers but feel that many of them are like-minded and I no longer seek to grow my number of followers as high as possible, but rather attempt to befriend those with similar values and interests. I realize this is the better way and makes more sense now as well as in the long run.



Twitter @Bethany1202

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Comments (18)

Interesting way to increase followers which is new to me.

Useful information for users of this social site.

Interesting concept but I'm satisfied with the new Twitter followers that I pick up through my LinkedIn activities which average out to be about ten new followers every day. The big advantage with this method is that these are all people with whom I share some common interests--writing, public speaking, photography, etc.

Thanks for a new site to help gain readers.

Hadn't heard of this site and thanks for reviewing it.  I have only a few hundred followers and most of mine come from LinkedIn sources so they share a common interest.  I might try Twiend though since you can manage the settings.  Well done, Bethany.

This really is a great application.  I have used it.  Thanks for sharing.  There are many other ways to get free twitter followers.  Such as,, and  These work great as well.  Great article Bethany.  I love your writing style.  

Twiends has been a great help for me. Regardless of who follows me, they are still followers and they would eventually see my tweets.

I just can't get the knack of using twitter I must be the dumbest person in the world

Back again with a vote!

Thanks for the information. This is the first I have heard about the site.

Thanks for the info about Twiends!

I've been using twiends and numerous other 'get twitter follower' sites for ages. Now up to about 23,000 followers... is it worth while? Anything I tweet gets about around 50/60 hits at a time and you can sell advertising services on ebay although you'll probably only achieve $4/$5 per week of tweets. Social bookmarking is sketchy at best. Google +1, tweet, FB... I'm not sure any of them are amazing enough to get you to the first page of google without other help. (Wow have I been ranting?) Enjoyed the post!

I have also used twiends to get more link with like minded people and got many followers. At the same time I was happy to see tweets of interest. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is really helpful for new twitter users.

I tried the service a few months back and found that while I got more followers there were not necessarily more reads. I now, as you write, look for like-minded followers. Like you! Good article Bethany.

awesome thanks, votes

It's time I got more followers! Thanks for the insight Beth!

You can also use to get another source of followers

You can also use to get another source of followers