Ideas for Transforming a Simple Backyard into a Getaway Experience
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Ideas for Transforming a Simple Backyard into a Getaway Experience

In today's global village economy, we're all caught up in the rat race, and it's often hard to find time to relax. Many people decompress by planning vacations. But as we all know, vacations are not only expensive, they can cause more stress than they're worth!

As an alternative, just a little time and investment on an outdoor living space in your backyard can create a new ambiance of an exotic vacation and can be a cheaper and more rewarding alternative to a crazy travel itinerary. Imagination as well as the investment of time and creativity are the keys to formulating a retreat that can entice you and your family to linger outdoors.

To create an exterior living space that is both functional and fashionable, you don't need to be a design expert. You can achieve freshness and new style in an outdoor space by carefully selecting materials with personal choices that will reflect the personal taste coupled with signature style. Factors impacting the space-planning of an outdoor area will highlight the importance and usefulness for enjoying exotic time in outdoor living.

Using colorful outdoor screens and trellises

Decorative screens or tall shutters can maximize outdoor solitude in places where neighbors reside in close proximity. These decorative enhancements also allow shielding the area from unwanted sights and sounds as well as introduction of interesting pattern and exciting color within the space. A large selection in color and style of trellises, screens and shutters are available, so keeping coordinated with your home's exterior paint and overall design is not difficult.

If you have a wood theme in your yard or home exterior, choose a wood finish for your screens and trellises. Depending upon the select theme or look, you can also treat wood surfaces to solid opaque or semi-transparent colored stain. High quality exterior wood coatings enhance the natural texture of the wood and are formulated to resist peeling, blistering, fading and the growth of mildew.

How to make these wood surfaces last? It's generally advisable to use 100% acrylic coatings flats, gloss or semi-gloss to create the look and feel you desire. Nowadays exterior paints and stains are available in contemporary color palettes ranging from vibrant or washed tones to updated neutrals or natural, earthy hues.

Selection of outdoor furniture

To refurbish your outdoor retreat, there are many options in terms of furniture and outdoor accessories. Small accent tables and a couple of airy, open back chairs, enough to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a good book in your leisure time. These can be painted in complementary or matching colors, using high quality acrylic paints. Even vinyl or other plastics can be painted, provided you use the right surface preparation and right choice of paints.

Multi-functional furnishings

Multi-functional furniture can be convenient and add utility, while also looking great in your backyard decor. For instance, storage benches offer group seating as well as a home for seat cushions during weather extremes. Backless benches may be used for instant extra seating arrangement, or as decorative plant stands. Storage ottomans provide storage and temporary seating arrangement and also serve as makeshift tables during impromptu parties. Decorative paint techniques such as borders and motifs can be applied to these outdoor furnishings and accessories either freehand or with stencils to emphasize a desired outdoor theme or even harmonizes with existing exterior paint.

Add a fireplace for a warm appeal

Decorative elements can enhance large and compact outdoor retreats alike. Conventional outdoor fireplaces are becoming popular since they offer warmth and ambiance during evening festivities or get-togethers. If the fireplace does not offer a built-in hearth that accommodates seating for a group of guests, try a built in bench option, comfortable outdoor swing or rustic twig loveseat. Convert an outdoor fireplace into a central point with the application of a fresh paint palette that contrasts with the exterior color scheme belonging to the home. The addition of a glass topper to two pedestals or a large resin planter transforms decorative pieces into a functional serving table by imparting a touch of the unexpected. If the existing outdoor living space consists of furnishings that reflect a wrinkled look, consider distressing the pieces with an unusual effect of paint finish to lend the newer and fresh look.

Whether you invest a little or a lot, you can easily improve you backyard and turn it into an exterior living space which can be frequently enjoyed and in which you can pamper yourself year-around (weather permitting, of course!).  In this way carefully articulated and aesthetically designed backyard getaways can be intermingled with various styles of décor, layout and space. You can produce the best customization for the outdoor retreat through correct selection and articulation of furnishings and accessories.

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