"How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting in Your Bed"
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"How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting in Your Bed"

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects. You can prevent them from getting in your bed by fumigation.


Bed Bugs are small oval shaped and flat bloodsucking insects that belong to the scientific family of Cimicidae. The common bed bug is classified as Cimex lectularius. They are reddish brown in colour with reduced wings and emit an unpleasant odour mostly when killed. The bed bugs infest homes hiding mostly inside loosed furniture and foams used for bed, cushions, and chairs etc. They are nocturnal, sucking the blood of humans and other mammals exposed to them. They live in clusters and very difficult to eradicate because of the strategic hiding position which they occupy in any furniture. Their number is so enlarged because they produce two to four generations in a year numbering so much that a few bed bugs could populate a whole community. The nymphs are like the adult bed bugs and mature between ten to eleven weeks depending on the temperature and food supply available to them.

Bed bug on flickr.com by meddygarnet

Their migration

Bed bugs could be transferred from one place to another in clothings, furnitures, books, bags etc. Once these objects are removed from a bed bug infected area, there is every tendency that you carry them along to a fresh destination where they will multiply into a parasite community within a short time. The way they hide and the secret places they occupy in these objects make it very difficult if not impossible to notice them. In their new habitat, they will spray to other hiding positions mostly in the bed from where they launch attacks on their victims.

Picture of bed bug on flickr.com by grenade

Prevention and control

There are few ways to prevent control bed bugs from infesting your homes with your bed as their dining table. Firstly, if you live in bed bug prone areas, always make sure you screen properties especially furnitures entering your home. Fumigate any suspected property or material very well before trusting it to be bed bug free. Note that bed bugs develop resistance to insecticides quickly, so make sure you keep using upgraded chemicals each time you fumigate for bed bugs. You must also fumigate your home furnitures, beds, (especially the foam) and clothings that are not properly kept. Secondly, make sure that the foam clothing on your bed is sewn tightly without allowing any opening. This is because the openings by the side of your foam clothing could create a route for the bed bugs to enter into the foam proper which is the most comfortable and safe place for them to hide. When they are inside the foam, fumigated chemicals can hardly get them.

Foam infested with bed bug on flickr.com by Commodore Gandalf Cunningham

If you try these simple methods and the bed bugs refuse to leave, please bring out your foam and burn it to destroy their hide outs, then fumigate your house very well to kill the unprotected ones either on your carelessly kept clothings or furniture. It is better you do this than loose your blood to bed bugs. If you want to understand how much blood they suck, kill one and burst the oval belly; you will be surprised at the blood that will gush out.

Picture in box by Perfecto Insecto on flickr.com

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Comments (8)

Yucks, Godwill! But very informative. I read recently that 40% of U.S. hotels and motels (even the fancy ones) have bed bugs. It is approaching epidemic proportions. We know a woman who went to Las Vegas and brought them home with her and after awhile, she was duly infested - big time. Her cost to finally debug her home ? -- $10,000 in exterminating fees. And they are persistent - she' s hoping that none were overlooked or she'll have to do it over. Awful.

I hear we are getting bedbugs here in montreal, something we have not see in about 50 years.

Thanks for the comments Marie and Carol; bed bugs are no joke! They suck more blood from their victims than the historical vampire.This is real and not a story.

Sometimes I think we humans have totally lost the battle to insects.

The most dangerous part of being bitten by bed bugs over and over is the reaction your body has; lines and lines of itchy red bumps that take days to go away. If young children are bitten, they can have severe allergic reactions, and so can adults if they are exposed, go through a period of not being bitten, and then are exposed again.

I remember ending up having big red sploches all over my belly and back that didn't go away (just turned brown) for about 3 months, just because of these nasty critters. And they're mighty itchy too!

I have never seen a bed bug in my life and by the sounds of it nor do I ever want to! This is very useful information to anyone that has to deal with this horrible problem. I'm sure that is somone is bitten enough they could actually get some kind of infection from this if they scatch it a lot.

Very interesting