Graviola Tea: Acetogenins
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Graviola Tea: Acetogenins

Graviola tea is very helpful to people who are battling lung cancer or other forms of cancer. It is preferred in many cases because it is more effective than drugs that are traditionally used for chemotherapy. It also allows cancer patients to avoid the side effects that are associated with using these drugs for treatment.

Graviola tea contains acetogenins, which help the cells of the body to grow and function properly. Some of the acetogenins in graviola are annomuricins A and B, annonacin, goniothalamicin and muricatetrocins A and B.

Graviola tea also helps to calm people who are under stress. It steadies the nerves and is usually recommended for people who are studying or those who are experiencing stress at work. It is very effective in these two situations. It produces a feeling of calm and helps you to concentrate better on the task at hand.

Graviola Tea: How do Acetogenins Work?

The acetogenins that are present in the soursop leaves and twigs prevent cancer cells in the lungs, prostate and breasts from growing. They interfere with the action of adenosine triphosphate on these types of cells. Adenosine triphosphate is also known as ATP. It usually provides energy for cancer cells but when acetogenins get involved, this cannot happen and the cancer cells cannot get what they need in order to thrive.

All cells use adenosine triphosphate, however cancer cells grow rapidly so they need a lot more ATP than usual. It is similar to a business that rapidly puts up several branches simultaneously. The chain needs a steady supply of a large amount of cash to keep things moving. If it does not get this, the whole organization will crash because it is starved of cash. Prostate cancer cells and other types of malignant cells operate in the same way.

Acetogenins: Changes Seen in Cancer Patients as a Result of Using Soursop Tea

Cancer patients who drink soursop tea daily experience several positive benefits. People usually drink the tea daily for five or six days, then take a break for a day. In the same way, after using the tea for three months, it is also recommended that persons take a one month break from it.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer patients who have followed this advice usually see a decrease in the size of the tumors that they have. In a study done by researchers in Japan, acetogenins were used on mice that had been injected with Lewis lung carcinoma cells. Those mice had a fifty percent reduction in the size of their tumors.

People prefer this method of treatment because they do not lose weight or have their hair fall out. They do not experience the negative effects of using chemotherapy drugs. They may however sometimes feel a chill in the parts of their bodies that are affected by cancer in the first few days of using the tea.

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