A Collection of Historically Unique and Weird Furniture in the World
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A Collection of Historically Unique and Weird Furniture in the World

Some people want to collect specially designed furniture so that their home or office appears attractive and one-of-a-kind. HereÂ’s a collection of unique and weirdly designed furniture.

Some people want to collect specially designed furniture so that their home or office appears attractive and one-of-a-kind.

Here’s a collection of unique and weirdly designed furniture.

1.) Interlux Chair

One of the most peculiar modern chairs is the '”Interlux-Chair”. This unique art work and design was created by Manfred Kielnhofer of Linz, Austria. He designed the furniture on the above photo in 2010.

Image Source

2.) Modern Lectern Desk

Image Source

This is a modern designed lectern with all the gadgets. This rolling computer desk was based on a single leg set on a four or five wheel stand. It is the most common modern form of lectern desk.

3.) “S” Chair

Image Source

The S Chair is designed by Verner Panton, one of Denmark’s most influential 20th century furniture and interior designers. The S Chair is made of plastic and in vibrant and exotic colors.

4.) Bean Bag

Image Source

Another uniquely-designed chair is the Bean Bag or Beanbag. This sealed bag contains dried beans, small chunks of Styrofoam, PVC pellets or expanded polystyrene is a popular form of furniture in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Its popularity resumed in the mid 1990s, as companies began selling chairs filled with shredded polyurethane foam, charging a premium for the extra comfort this can provide.

5.) Bench Around the Lake

Image Source

The “Bench Around the Lake” is a unique public artwork create by Jeppe Hein, a Danish artist. It is located in the Virginia, B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

6.) KAST Bookcase

Image Source

The KAST was designed by Marcel Douwe Dekker, an interior sculpture. The above figure was built with the letters K A S T on their sides n 1992.

7.) Standing Frame

Image Source

A standing frame is also known as a stand, stander, standing technology, standing aid, standing device, standing box, tilt table, This assistive technology can be used by a person who relies on a wheelchair for mobility. A standing frame provides alternative positioning to sitting in a wheelchair by supporting the person in the standing position. Standing frames are advertised as increasing independence, mobility, and self-esteem.

8.) Triangular Wooden Chair

Image Source

This is one of the most unusual chairs in the world. This special type of triangular wooden chair is usually used in North India

9.) King’s Desk

Image Source

The King’s Desk is one of the most historical furniture in the world. This desk is a richly ornamented royal Cylinder desk.  It is also called Louis XV’s roll-top secretary.

10.) Henry VIII Desk

Image Source

Henry VIII is one of the most famous and most controversial kings in world history. The above furniture is King Henry VIII’s writing desk which was made probably about 1526.

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Comments (7)

Good job

I love the KAST bookcase..

Ya me too the KAST bookcase was coolest. The lake bench also neat.

Nice article. I voted this one. Hope you support my articles too.

I have to say, I like the bean bag.

The material is more important for making these items means wood different kinds are there in marker but be natural if some one use Marri and jarah then the strength and lasticity will be through out life.

Custom Furniture Perth

A great collection.  I especially love the king's desk, wonder what it is worth.

Wedding Planner Malta