8 Natural Homemade Facial Cleanser | How to Get Clean and Glowing Skin Naturally
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8 Natural Homemade Facial Cleanser | How to Get Clean and Glowing Skin Naturally

Natural homemade facial cleansers are very cost effective, easy to use and have no side effects at all. These homemade facial cleansers are far more effective than the facial cleansers(mosltly contains chemicals) available in market. Read on the following 8 natural homemade cleanser and get naturally fair and glowing skin at home.

The very first and basic requirement for a healthy skin is cleansing. Cleansing is a must and first step in any kind of beauty treatment. If cleansers are applied before a face pack the result is astonishing. The market today is full of many facial cleansers. But these contains chemicals and also natural homemade facial cleansers are more reliable, cost effective and gives far  better results. Moreover, natural  homemade facial cleansers are safe to use and you can use them daily for general hygiene and facial skin care. Following are some the self tested and very effective natural homemade facial cleansers.

Rose water homemade facial cleanser

Rose water is the very effective and widely used among facial cleansers. It cleanses your face as well as tone your skin. You can add glycerine to rose water(for oily skin use it raw) and with a help of cotton ball cleanse your face . You can also prepare your own rose water facial cleanser at home.


Rose petals


Rose essential oil

Soak the rose petals in water and keep it all the night. In the morning strain the water and in this water add (about half a ounce ) mix 2 tablespoon glycerine and 5-10 drops of rose essential oil. Use this mixture daily and get a clean and glowing skin naturally.

Raw Milk homemade facial Cleanser

Raw milk is an excellent cleansing agent.  You can use milk as it is as a cleanser for dry and normal skin. Apply raw milk with cotton ball on your face and leave for few minutes. It will leave your skin clear, spot free and smooth. It also works as anti  tanning agent. You can also add honey to milk. Honey cleans the skin moisturises it and help it to retain that moisture. It also makes the skin silky soft.

Milk and nutmeg in combination is an another very effective natural homemeade facial cleanser. Applying the mixture at night and leave it for an hour, it will open the pores and deep cleanses your skin.

For oily skin you should mix lemon  juice to milk and then apply on your face. Another option of natural cleanser for oily skin is to mix equal amount of chickpea powder and milk and also add a pinch of turmeric in it. Apply it for two minutes. This facial cleanser gives very good result on combination or oily skin.

Lemon homemade facial cleanser

Lemon is also used widely as a natural facial cleanser. It removes dirt from skin and also lightens the skin tone. It also act as astringent. 

Mix cucumber juice with equal amount and it will make the best natural cleanser as well as toner and also anti tanning agent for oily skin. Apply this mixture on face until dry and then wash.

For normal to dry skin you can add some drops of glycerine in it and get the best results. A pinch  of turmeric can also be added as turmeric helps in lightning the skin tone and it also helps in curing  pimples due to its medicinal properties.

Gram flour(Besan) homemade facial cleanser

Gram flour helps remove dirt from skin and also leaves the skin smooth and supple after washing. You can mix gram flour and turmeric(15:1) in powder form in a jar. While cleansing add some water (you can also add rose water)to a spoon of this mixture and apply on your face for 5 minutes. Your face with become clear and smooth and due anti tanning effect of turmeric your skin tone will also improve if used regularly.  It is a very good facial cleanser for oily skin. Another option is to add a little yogurt to Gram flour and apply the mixture on your face while cleansing.  If your face has turned a little yellowish due to turmeric you can apply milk on your face for a minute and wash with water.

For dry skin you can add milk or malai(milk cream) in this natural homemade facial cleanser to get a clean and glowing skin naturally.

Tomato and orange homemade facial cleanser.

Tomato and orange are both citrus fruits and very good facial cleansers for oily skin. You can use them separately also. Both helps in reducing the tan and also tightens the open pores of the skin. Orange juice also gives a special colour and glow to your skin.

To make a natural homemade cleanser take a ripe tomato , 2 teaspoon of milk and one teaspoon of orange juice. Now blend all the ingredients in a mixer and your facial cleanser is ready. Apply on the face for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse with water. You can freeze this cleanser for multiple use.

Oatmeal natural homemade facial cleanser

Oat meal is also widely used facial cleanser because of its cleansing properties. You can use oatmeal alone by mixing it with water and applying on the face for 15 minutes. It is very good cleanser for oily skin. You can also add various other ingredients in oatmeal to get a more effective result.

Adding cucumber juice and yogurt to oatmeal in equal quantities gives one of the best natural facial cleanser for oily skin. It gives a soothing effect also lightens the complexion of your skin.

Mash a piece of peach and mix oatmeal and honey to it to make a thick paste. Apply it a facial cleanser and wash after few minutes. It is a very good face mask for dry skin. It leaves the skin your skin clear, clean and glowing.

Homemade facial cleanser made of Aspirin

Facial cleanser made of aspirin is a very  homemade facial cleanser for problematic and acne prone skin. Take 5 to 10 plain aspirin. Crush them to make them fine powder. Take one or two tablespoon of freshly squeezed citrus fruit(lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit) juice. Mix well and apply on face for two minutes and wash with cold water.

Homemade facial cleanser made with essential oils

The best part of  homemade facial cleanser made with essential oils is that the natural oils are retained in your skin. With other cleansers your skin tightens and you may need to apply a lotion after cleansing. Another  advantage is that it oil cleanses the skin very deeply. It removes even your makeup. It leaves your skin very smooth and full of moisturiser.

You should use different oils for making natural oil facial cleanser.

For normal skin take equal parts of castor oil and sunflower oil. Mix them apply on the face for a minute. Take wash cloth(use warm water for wetting the cloth) and lay it for a minute on your face. It will extract all the dirt from the pores. After that wash the cloth and wipe off your face with the until all the oil is removed from your skin.

For oily skin mix two or three parts of castor oil with one part of sunflower oil.

For dry skin type increase the quantity of sunflower oil to two or three parts according to the dryness of your skin and one part of castor oil is enough.

Instead of sunflower oil you can use olive oil too.

For dry skin you can also take rose essential oil and blend a spoon of cream in it. Apply on face, neck and forehead.

Natural homemade facial cleansers are very effective and safe. They are made of natural ingredients and contain no chemicals. These facial cleansers are cost effective and also the ingredients are easily available at home. So be clever, use natural homemade facial cleansers and get a clean and glowing skin naturally.

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