3 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Medical Appointment
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3 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before a Medical Appointment

You may feel anxious in the days leading up to a medical appointment, as well as during the time in the waiting room. Calm your nerves by employing one or a combination of the suggested methods. You will feel more in control and your anxiety levels will decrease. One method is to talk about your fears with a family member or a friend.

Your anxiety and stress levels may rise considerably before a medical appointment. Perhaps you have concerns regarding the appointment procedure or have a new doctor. There are ways you can calm your nerves before you see the doctor; the solutions are within your grasp. You will feel more in control and calmer as well.

Talk About Your Fears

When you speak about your fears, in relation to the medical appointment, your concerns are no longer bottled within your mind. You release them with your words. Approach a friend or family member who you feel comfortable speaking with and talk in a setting which puts you at ease. You may feel more comfortable speaking in-person rather than by phone; the setting is your preference.

As you speak, you will begin to feel relieved that you are able to discuss your concerns. Your confidant will likely give you feedback about what you have said and be supportive; both of these reactions will help calm your nerves. Your confidant will likely suggest ways to deal with your worries and may even offer effective strategies that they have used before.

Listen to the feedback from your family or friend and decide whether to employ any suggestions to calm nerves. Speaking up about your concerns in relation to the medical appointment will in itself reduce your nervousness.

Phone the Medical Office

If you have booked your medical appointment well in advance of the date, you may become anxious over the waiting period. To help calm your nerves before the appointment, phone the doctor’s office and ask questions relating to your concerns.

Do not be intimidated by the prospect of phoning the office. The staff is there to assist you and patient care is important. Due to the busy schedules of the doctor, you may not be able to speak directly to the physician. The receptionist will likely be able to help you calm your nerves in several ways:

When you ask questions on the phone, you are less intimidated than you may be in person. This is especially true if the questions are of a sensitive nature or you are embarrassed by the subject matter.

You get answers to your questions about the appointment or about the doctor. More information translates into less anxiety. You feel you have a better grasp on what will happen at the office when you arrive.

You receive a calm voice on the other end of the phone. The staff members understand concerns of patients. The calm tone of voice is reassurance that you are in trusted hands and will calm your own nerves.

Waiting Room Tactics

You often have to sit in the waiting room prior to seeing the doctor on the date of the medical appointment. While you wait, your level of anxiety may increase as you think about the appointment. When you are apprehensive, there are ways to calm nerves in the waiting room.

Look at the wall colors of the room. Are they beige or another color? In your mind, say the name of the color to yourself. Keep saying the color in a repetitive way. You can vary the thought pattern by adding in other colors you see in the room. A friend once told me about this method and it really does help me. The method is effective at reducing anxiety because your mind is distracted from thinking about the appointment. Instead, your mind focuses on colors and there is not stress related to these thoughts.

As well, calm nerves in the waiting room by bringing your own reading material or journal to write down your thoughts. Both activities will distract your mind. As well, journaling about your thoughts lets you release them from your mind as you do when you speak about your concerns to your friend or family member.

There are many ways to calm your nerves before a medical appointment. Speak about your fears as they relate to the future appointment; speak with a close friend or family member, or phone the doctor’s office. As well, you have the ability to calm yourself down in the waiting room on the day of the appointment. Calm your nerves and get through the appointment; stay healthy and remember that you will get through this!


Sedation Dentistry

Another huge fear of many people is going to the dentist. There are many dentists today that offer what is called sedation dentistry, in fact you can hear their ads on the radio and television today.

For those that avoid the dentist and fear going to the dentist even for a cleaning or other procedures, sedation dentistry can help. Sedation dentistry can be used for a simple cleaning to a more invasive type of dental work. Sedation dentistry uses medication to relax the patient during all types of dentistry work.

Sedation can range from minimal sedation to general anesthesia. The dentist can control the amount of sedation throughout the dental procedure. The point is, the patient will be relaxed and calm.

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Comments (12)

Darn, Christy, I could have used this earlier today as I had that dreaded womens exam we all put off! ha! Good tips that I will use for the follow-up mammo appointment!


I could have used this before my dentist appointment...I tried all my tricks...but I couldn't relax!

Good ideas I can try it next time especially colours

A lot of people self-diagnose on the internet these days, and end up going to their doctors thinking they may be dying from cancer or some other fatal disease, when all they have is gas or a muscle cramp...

Great article!

Thanks everyone for the comments! I do hope you find the tips here useful in the future.

Hard to avoid "white coat fever".

You are quite right Joe. Thanks for stopping by to read.

Excellent procedures Christy, thank you.

Some nice ideas, thanks! I have a specialist appointment coming up and these will prove helpful.

Excellent tips. I don't normally get nervous when visiting the doctor, but sometimes when visiting the dentist! One of the only times I got really anxious before seeing my physician was when I was getting tested for HBV.

Thanks Kimberley and Bethany, I'm glad this article is proving helpful for you all!